Global solution of cash register

The touchscreen cash register : your starting point

At LuxTPV we consider that it is necessary to have a comprehensive approach to make your business more efficient and safer. Our experience allows us to offer you this set (hardware, software and services). The central point is your cash register solution around which the various elements will be added (security of your point of sale, efficient telephony, presence on the internet). We offer you consistent solutions at the best price and above all with technical and commercial support to match your ambitions and constraints.

You manage a bakery, pastry shop, chocolate shop or tea room ?

You run a restaurant, a brewery, a coffee bar, a hotel, a fast food or a snack ?

You run a ready-to-wear business ?

You run a butcher shop, a cold cuts shop, a caterery or you’re a caterer ?

You run a flower shop, a horticultural point ?

You manage a convenience store, a grocery store, a cellar, a cheese dairy, a dry cleaner …

Our expertise in setting up your cash register

Installing a cash register is a first step towards controlling and managing your business. We need to go further with various hardware and software that support the existing system. In which areas does LuxTPV intervene to improve this existing?

Cash register

Our first expertise is in the area of cash registers. Little by little, it has become a central element for the proper functioning of your business or crafts. It’s not just our parents’ cash register anymore. It has become an interfaced management tool with many high-performance and innovative hardware and/or software. It will allow you to supplant competitors and develop your business.

visibility on the internet

The third area of expertise focuses on the effective presence on the web, via an e-commerce site or showcase. The success of the major e-commerce brands shows how important it is today to be present on the Net. The basic minimum is to have an entrance (showcase site) on your business via internet.


Our second expertise concerns the security (internal & external) of your point of sale. Everything suggests that the world will become more and more uncertain. Ensuring your back with our alarm and video protection solutions that allow tools to converge, especially with the cash register.


The fourth expertise concerns the new uses of telephony. It is the hidden side of your development but it is nevertheless vital. Without IP telephony (combining voice and digital) you are depriving yourself of the efficiency and performance of VoIP tools.


At LUXTPV it’s not just about installing hardware and software for your cash register solution. In addition to the global vision we bring you, we want to transfer sufficient knowledge to master and understand how our solutions work. Knowledge will enable you to fight with effective weapons because they are well used.

This is why LUXTPV provides assistance and training to all its customers.

Why choose LuxTPV to set up your global vision around your cash register?

LuxTPV has a global approach that will prevent you from playing intermediaries with several service providers. It also has a serious experience in trade. We will be present before, during and after setting up your cash register and its peripherals and services.

Save time and therefore money!


Our assistance 7/7

LuxTPV sells you a complete service by offering you support every day of the year. Make sure we’re there to troubleshoot whatever the problem is.


Our trainings

A purchase is not enough for itself, you will have to master the tools, both hardware and software. That is why we will be there to train you in the use of your cash register solution. You will be equipped and efficient. Discover all our trainings.

In addition, we will provide you with tips on how to improve your mastery of the solutions we sell.


Our experience

Present for many years in the cash register market (30 years of experience), we have acquired real experience and undeniable know-how (20 qualified employees). It allow us to speak your language.


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