Privacy policy of LUXTPV

LUXTPV uses the personal data of its customers in a spirit of benevolence and responsibility.
In order to provide you with the quality service to which you are entitled and to meet our commitments, we need to collect and process personal data about you.

We know that this data is essential to you and that is why we attach the utmost importance to making it a responsible use and respectful of your trust. For this reason, we make every effort to ensure the confidentiality and security of your information.

To know all about the life of your data within our group, we invite you to consult our privacy policy below.


What data are you asked for and for what purposes?

  • to fulfill our contract and provide you with the services to which you have subscribed
  • In order to take advantage of our services, you must provide us with certain data such as your name, mailing address, date, telephone number, email address, bank details and SIREN if you are a professional.
  • After-sales service and remote handover also require the processing of connection-related technical data.

The collection and processing of this information is essential for:

  • the conclusion and management of your contract : the processing of your orders (including delivery), the follow-up of your requests (the modification of your maintenance contract, your purchases, your repairs or your claims), managing your invoices or more general for all aspects related to customer service.
    the analysis of the quality of our service: the supervision and deployment of our solutions, the management of incidents, the monitoring of the efficiency of the processing of your requests to customer service.

It is possible that we collected data on you before you did not become our customer. It can arrive in several ways:

  • either because you supplied us these data during a lounge or via an electronic form on our Web site,
  • either because you appear in the file of one of our business partners.

We process your data to improve and personalize our solutions and services, and propose you of new products, or still realize polls, quizzes or develop commercial statistics.
The data allowing to contact you are used within the framework of operations of canvassing led by LUXTPV (by phone, email, SMS or internet campaigns).

We make treatments to get to know you better, improve our services/products and introduce you to new ones. This allows us, for example, to offer you an option that we think you might be interested in.

This information can be combined with each other and with your internet browsing data obtained through cookies.
Our policy for using cookies is available on this website.


We determine the retention periods of your data according to the applicable legal provisions (recommendation of the CNPD, consumption code and accounting, tax provision).
There are therefore several conservation periods, which are shown below.

Personal data provided during an order

Unless requested to be deleted by you, this data shall be kept until the expiry of a period of three years after the end of your contract and subject to applicable legal provisions

  • Invoices : 12 months
  • Data relating to the measurement of audience of our sites obtained via cookies : 13 months
  • Identification documents provided as part of your right of access : 12 months
  • Data preserved as part of tax obligations : 10 years in accordance with the provisions of the book of tax procedures and of the Commercial Code


We do not collect sensitive data, such as your origin, your political or religious opinions, or your health data.


We attach great importance to keeping your data under conditions that ensure their integrity and confidentiality.
The personal data you have communicated to us are shared with third parties selected by us. This may be the case with LUXTPV service providers, affiliates and distributors of our solutions, or partners so that they can call you or send you letters to offer you additional offers to our services. Our policy on the use of cookies also includes exchanges of cookies intended to enable you to benefit from advertisements adapted to the web.

We store (or entrust the storage to a trusted service provider) your data in the European Union to manage your contract, your services and/or offer our solutions.
In the event that an unauthorised third party has access to your data, we will also inform you and the National Computer and Freedom Commission.


You have several rights to your data:

  • you can choose, at any time and free of charge, to make use of your right of opposition to certain treatments. This right of opposition allows you to choose to no longer receive information about our products and services as well as those of our partners, choose the communication channel or channels we use to keep you informed of our new offers or ask us not to send you personalized advertising. You can give us your choices by calling +352 28 26 15 63.
  • you have a right of access to your data that allows you to see the personal data we have on you.
  • you have the right to rectify your data, which allows you to ask us to modify this data when it is inaccurate.
  • you have a right to be forgottenwhich allows you to request the deletion of your personal data if it is not necessary for the provision of our products and services.
  • you have a right to limit processing when you feel that your data is not accurate or when you need it for the purpose of establishing, exercising or defending a right. In this case, we keep the data for the time of your request, without making any other use than that for which you have asked us to keep it.
  • you have a right to data portability : you can recover all the data you have given us to provide you with a service, in a standard and operable format and ask us to forward them to another controller. The procedure for this process is described in our FAQ.
  • you can also inform us of your wishes regarding the preservation, deletion and communication of your data to a third party upon your death. The procedure for this process is described in our FAQ.
  • Finally, if you feel that the processing of your data has been carried out in violation of the applicable regulations, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the National Commission for Information and Freedom.

You can exercise your rights by contacting our Data Protection Delegate. The latter will provide you with a response within a maximum of one month, unless circumstances warrant an extension of this period of two months (taking into account the complexity and number of requests). To ensure the confidentiality of your data, we reserve the right to ask you to provide us with credentials enabling us to verify your identity.


LUXTPV, as Processing Officer, has appointed a Delegate to the Protection of
Data. This can be contacted at the following mailing address :

Delegate for Data Protection LUXTPV – ZI Scheleck 1 – N144 – L-3225 BETTEMBOURG
or by e-mail at commercial@luxtpv.lu.


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