Safety solutions for trade and crafts

As you see every day, the safety of businesses and craftsmen is compromised. Malware, access control, counting people, fighting the unknown markdown, the security of your flows, and the errors in the rendering of money are all reasons to take a very close interest in our security solutions.

We offer you hardware and software solutions adapted to all these needs. Together we will build the offer that best suits your needs while respecting the applicable legislation.

Tangible benefits

  • Our video surveillance systems are discreet and efficient.
  • Our offer interconnects with your computer network for all-round communication.
  • Our solution is available 24/24 & 7/7 thanks to our rescue power systems.
  • You have alerts and reports commensurate with the threats.

They trust us

Butcher shops BRILL

153-155C, rue du Kiem – 8030 SRASSEN – LUXEMBOURG


73, Rue de Bettembourg – 3320 BERCHEM – LUXEMBOURG

And so many others ...

You have questions, we have answers.

Can I access my cameras remotely?

Yes, absolutely. You can join your cameras from a smartphone, from a remote computer. There is only one constraint: having internet access on both sides (where you are and where your cameras are located).

How long is the record saved ?

It all depends on the material in your possession. The more hard drives you have, the more you can store images to make sure you don’t miss anything. However, from a legal point of view, the recordings cannot be kept beyond 28 days. After this time, they will be deleted automatically.

What is the quality of the images ?

You can opt for very high image quality (HD, 4K). Everything will depend on your budget because, as you can easily imagine, the higher the quality needs, the more expensive the procurement equipment will be. The technology for all needs and budgets exists.

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